How to pump up your job search so you’re confident you’ve covered all the bases and will get results.

Take a lesson from two career coaches whose expertise has helped people like you do a successful job search. Alvah Parker, a well known and respected job search tips lists writer and career coach, and Lenore Mewton, a career coach with twenty years’ expertise helping individual and corporate clients, have combined their talents to bring you a step-by-step, easy to use, job search guide guaranteed to reduce your stress, raise your confidence, and shorten your job search!

Lenore Mewton Fast Track Job Search Guide Alvah Parker

The job market is tough and you know it. You’ve been successful in past jobs and you are eager to start a new job. You know there is something good out there for you. If you can’t figure out why your job search is not generating interviews and job offers, learn from those who have done a successful job search.

9 times out of 10 the problem isn’t you, it’s your strategy.

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”
—Will Rodgers

Have you ever felt liked you were doing everything right in your job search but success eludes you? There are at least 10 different steps to a successful job search — and if you miss any of them it could sabotage your chances for success. Everyone immediately focuses on updating their resume but did you know there are 3 critical steps before that? If you forget even one of them your search could be doomed.

You’re not alone. Many qualified job seekers make simple common mistakes sabotaging their hard work.

You send your resume to hundreds of companies sometimes in answer to posted job ads, sometimes blindly to a company you’d love to work for. It’s time consuming and tedious but you’re really motivated. Then, adding insult to injury, you get no response! Not even a thank you for your interest. It feels like no one wants you. Your confidence is waning. Your energy is depleting.

You’ve told all your friends and colleagues you’re looking for work. They’ve tried to be helpful but still you come up empty handed.

You’ve heard the statistic — over 80% of jobs are found through networking and by going to networking events. You go to several events. Everyone you meet at these networking events is looking for work too. It seems like they are the competition. How can they help you find work?

You’ve read the required, suggested job search books. They were helpful but you can’t remember all the details covered. Of the books you own, or borrowed, several were published a few years ago. You know they’re out of date since the latest technology, social networking tools and online resources are missing. One book is over 400 pages long. While you notice some good job search tips, the thought of reading the whole book is overwhelming. Besides — you’ve got to move forward quickly!

How do you do a successful job search that gets results?

One way is hiring a career coach or counselor. It takes time to find the right coach however. Coaching is highly personal and finding the right one is a job in itself. If you already have a relationship with a career coach then you’re on the right road. Even then they don’t do the work for you. You need to help them, help you. How do you take the lead when you’re unclear about how or what to do next?

Others leave their job search to a recruiter. That’s great if you have superb skills and your field is growing. Recruiters get paid to make a match between the prospective employee (you) and the employer. They will do their best for you but they haven’t got time to do the research to find a good fit for you. That is your job.

While you know the value of networking, you feel stuck. You don’t know how to get out of your “comfort zone”, or present yourself with impact. You avoid networking events.

Stop wasting your time: Cut to the chase with proven, quick and effective job search tips!

We know you’re busy. You don’t have time to read volumes about job searches. You already know some of the steps. It’s just a matter of quickly picking up the ones you’ve forgotten and learning new information about current, cutting edge search tactics. And, here’s the good news. You don’t have to waste your time! Our 52 page easy to use eBook Fast Track Job Search Guide gives you all the tools you need to do a complete job search. The eBook covers each necessary step and provides job search tips to use immediately to insure your success. Can you imagine how confident you’ll feel when you’ve written a powerful resume and how prepared you’ll feel when you know each step and have experienced going through them successfully?

We wrote the Fast Track Job Search Guide for busy people just like you — to guide you through the entire process.

  • It’s brief and to the point — we’ve taken the guesswork out
  • It’s comprehensive — covers all the bases
  • It’s simple to understand, easy to implement — gives you time for the search itself

This 52 page eBook is chock full of useful job search tips in a bullet point format. It’s easy to read. As we said, we know you’re busy. You want to spend your time on the job search not reading about it! Here is a sample of what’s included:

  • A Career Assessment — a 12 question Career Fitness Tool © to determine how well you’re managing your career and/or job search and identifying knowledge gaps
  • 9 different resources on future work trends alone. Tons of resources on other topics.
  • 4 unique, ready to use, templates:
    • Resume — Write a high quality, effective, and powerful resume focused on achievements.
    • Marketing Plan — Identify targeted roles, companies and sectors.
    • Career Commercial — Develop and deliver your elevator pitch communicating your skills, experience, education, and goal of your job search.
    • Problem/Solution/Result — Build concise accomplishment statements with impact for interviews, resumes and powerful talking points ready for use at any time.
  • Specific formulas for writing cover letters and thank you notes, removing the dread, making the task easy.
  • Ongoing career management tips making this eBook a resource you will turn to over and over again.

And so much more!

Are you ready to make an investment that will save you time, build your confidence, and give you peace of mind?

So how much will it cost?
The price is just $19.95

"You’ve nailed it! I want to be confident that I’m taking all the right steps in my job search."

To Recap

This job search guide is full of useful job search tips in an easy to read format. It’s useful in your current job search and any job search you’ll do in the future. Each specific career resilience tool will help you successfully manage your career while you’re working. The job search tips in this eBook are appropriate whether you are employed or in transition.

Best of all it’s a tool you’ll return to over and over again. Over a life time a person may have 6 to 8 different jobs. This job search guide will help you during each transition. Your $19.95 investment amounts to $6.65 a year over a 3 year period.

As a special introductory offer, for the next month, we’re offering a bonus along with the eBook. Purchase the Fast Track Job Search Guide for $19.95 and receive a free 45 minute coaching session with either of the authors, Alvah Parker or Lenore Mewton, scheduled at a mutually agreeable time. Use the session to launch your job search or ask questions about a stalled search.

Our 100% money back guarantee!

Use our job search guide for 6 months from the date of purchase. Follow the job search tips and use the resources. If you’re not feeling fully prepared and confident in your job search skills, we will give you your money back. It’s as simple as that. We are so sure you’ll find value in this job search guide we’ll give you your money back — period. There is no risk involved.

YES! I definitely want the eBook Fast Track Job Search Guide for $19.95 NOW so I can learn how to do a successful job search and feel confident I have covered all the bases to get positive results. I understand I am also entitled to a free 45 minute coaching session with either Lenore Mewton or Alvah Parker. If after 6 months I’m not satisfied with the eBook, I’ll simply request a refund. The job search guide is mine to keep no matter what.

We want you to feel confident, assured and prepared for the job at hand whether it is finding your next job or enhancing success in your current role!

"I agree! I want to be confident, assured and prepared for my job search."

To your success!

Alvah Parker and Lenore Mewton

PS The sooner you download this eBook the sooner you can get your job search on the right track.

PPS If you prefer to order by phone, please call either Lenore at 781-639-2659 or Alvah at 781-598-0388. We’ll get right on it!

PPPS More questions? Feel free to call us. We’ll return your call quickly!


Cliff HakimFast Track is a remarkably quick and thorough catalyst that will fortify your efforts and energy to find right-fit work again and again. I’ll recommend this ebook to my clients.

Cliff Hakim
Rethinking Work®

I thought the eBook was terrific. It has a good focus on the basics, which those of us who are rusty on job-hunting need to be reminded of, while it also provides good tips on additional tools that can be used. I liked how it is also broken into manageable steps that you can do in chunks. This keeps the job searching task from seeming like something that is insurmountable. I also think the templates will very useful tools. They not only cover the “must haves” but the things that can differentiate you as a candidate.
Terri McClellan

Sandra BandlerThe Fast Track Job Search Guide is a fabulous resource for career counseling professionals as well as anyone who is making a career transition. It is practical, concise and informative, yet covers everything that is important to job search process. I highly recommend it. Many thanks to Lenore Mewton and Alvah Parker for creating it, especially in this challenging job market.
Sandra Bandler
Career Management Professional

Dianne WebsterIn their Fast Track Job Search Guide, Alvah and Lenore provide a complete and effective tool for managing your career successfully. Beginning with a personal review of your strengths and accomplishments, you will proceed to develop a positive presentation that eases all parts of the career management process. The reader will find quick checklists and valuable templates to create a resume that has impact, and tips for succeeding in the job interview. I highly recommend the Fast Track Job Search Guide to any professional who is seeking a new position, or seeking advancement in their current role. The Guide is sure to increase your earnings potential and enhance your career satisfaction.
Dianne H. Webster, CFP®

Vittorio MontanariThe Fast Track Job Search Guide fills an essential, thus far unmet need: a concise set of expert instructions to the professional looking for a new position. Must-haves such as Achievement Focused resume, Career Commercial, Marketing Plan, and Problem Solution Result Templates are presented as sets of next actions lists that will rapidly set one on a new career path. These “Fast Track” actions are artfully combined with an introduction to the path of self-assessment and self-reliance. Active hyperlinks are placed where they are of immediate use and, like the e-book pages, are action web pages, not verbal general references. Having myself profited from Lenore Mewton’s teaching, I am impressed with this terse book that is both a robust, positive get-going manual for those actively looking, and a guide to the lifelong progress towards a fulfilling work life. I cannot recommend it enough.
Vittorio Montanari, Ph.D.
Life Sciences Chemist
Personal Website

I believe this is exactly the type of tool that job seekers can use to quickly get up to speed on a job search. In fact, when I was reviewing the draft, I had a copy on my desk and some of my colleagues asked for a copy…I hope that doesn’t mean they want to look for a new job!
Martha Donovan
VP, Client Service for major institutional asset manager

Dale McLennanI think the eBook delivers a concise, but very thorough overview of the job search process. I particularly like that you started with the career fitness checklist, which is an effective way to engage the reader, and included exercises and samples throughout the guide that are useful to job seekers at any professional level.
Dale McLennan, Director
Career Center/Endicott College

Carolyn KepcherAlvah Parker and Lenore Mewton have put together a fantastic resource for today’s job seeker. The Career Fitness Tool in particular is a great resource for those who want to quickly get down to the business of forming a plan and taking action. The Fast Track Job Search Guide is a great tool for anyone seeking all of the necessary information in one place, and in an easy-to-follow format.
Carolyn Kepcher, CEO of, former “Apprentice” star and author of the bestselling “Carolyn 101.”

I have been out looking since January 31st and it has been extremely challenging. This is the longest stretch that I have ever gone without employment so your pithy eBook helped remind me to stick to the basics and use your logical and methodical process. (I loved that it was simple and to the point.) You are right! The part of the search that I omitted is the self assessment piece. You suggested getting three others to give you their evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses to get a 360 view which was quite helpful. It’s something I never thought to do. Thanks!
Barbara Reiniger

This guide is a gem. For those of us who intended to read “What Color is Your Parachute,” but never did, this guide is for us. Remember the expression “let your fingers do the walking”? Well, Alvah and Lenore have done that for today’s job seekers. This slim guide is well-organized, easy to read, and well balanced with a combination of exercises and templates to get you started and to help you find a rewarding position. Whether you are a first-time, mid-career, or changing-career job seeker, this guide has terrific value. (It’s also a good resource to use when you are in a hiring position.) The best part? Using the guide makes that dreaded getting started a lot easier, and fun! It also provides a good push that you’ll end up appreciating — and you’ll enjoy the process. The tools are targeted and flexible: use any one of them and you’ll immediately feel that you’re working toward your goal.
Elizabeth Merica
Biobridges, LLC, Wellesley, MA

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